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I am seeking free/low cost dental for myself and my son in rural southern nevada. I am about 90 miles outside of Vegas and live in a town that has a new dentist who charged me $400 to get one of my sons teeth pulled since I worked for a nonprofit that didn't have affordable insurance much less any dental insurance.

With everything else that is going on in my life, just getting some work done on my teeth would help my esteem. Our family genetically has bad gums. My mom never took me to the dentist but 2 times my entire life probably because she never had dental insurance and like her, I will need dentures in the next year or so just to eat.

ANY information would be appreciated! THANK YOU!

Talk to shellraeg

Need Some Assistance

I don't really even know where to start or how much to write so I'll just give the basics.

In June 1999 my mom had a heart attack and decided to would take a LOA from my current job at that time to help out. I was working for a Snap-On Diagnostics-a billion dollar company making very decent money. Over the next month we found out that my mom actually had cancer so by Nov 99 I decided to move to my moms town to be near her not only for her sake but for my sons sake as well.

To make this shorter, ever since I've been in this small tourist town I've struggled raising my son and taking care of my mom and her family since no type of hospice is available in this area.

A few years back she lost her battle but by this time I myself was struggling financially because my husband who I separated from because he didn't feel a need to be supportive of the reasons I was moving here and declined to 'tag' along, decided right after my mother passed away figured it would be great time to file for bankruptcy because all the things he agreed to pay and keep during our separation he neglected to pay or gave up? Either way he dragged me into it because we were technically 'still' married and at the time of my move, we didn't file for a 'legal' separation properly, etc etc. Unable to get anything on credit, including credit cards, I've struggled to take care of my son and myself effectively.

I recently lost my job here working as an administrative assistant making probably the best money I could make here with just a highschool diploma and no technical training or experience. It was totally unexpected and at the worst possible time of the year here in this small tourist town. Now after the California fires and the loss of that business we expected to get from them it seems the past month I've been seeking employment has been useless. The way things work around here after someone does hire you, it will be more than 2 or 3 weeks before I would even see a paycheck waiting on orientation and the background/drugscreening processes.

If you could ask any one person who knows me you would know I have a lot of pride. I have taken care of most of the people I know on some level or another, mostly with shelter and a place to get a leg up but have always been there for them and offered everything I have to them.

But here I sit on this puter reaching out to complete strangers for assistance. I feel like such a failure and I have no family left to help me, I haven't even slept but a couple of hours literally for the last 7 days just stressing on what exactly too do. This area is so small that there are really no programs to assist paying bills. The foodbank is a joke, and without original copies of birth records (which I personally have never owned) any government assistance is a useless waste of time and also cost money obtaining them. I will still apply for them at some point in the near future.

I am not asking for much, just enough to get through the next month. I am willing to go without cable, and even give up the internet, but the power, gas, water and phone are necessities. If I dont pay for water, I get an eviction notice, which I found out some time back when they refused to take my rent check because I neglected to pay this new water bill I had never gotten in my previous years living here for 3 months. Any way, and I need at the very least the phone to allow potential employers the opportunities to contact me, and since we live in a remote area, we need to be able to contact anyone and everyone for everything.

I have figured out that I will need about $2000 to get through the next month before I will get a paycheck of any kind. I am not above working for the low wages of $6.50 or even working two jobs but just getting one job seems to be a problem. Then the next problem is finding full time employment at $6.50 since the tourism is down.

I just need some help. If I didnt have a child I would just pack up my necessities and be homeless and screw my credit up even more if necessary just to live. I mean I cant even get a payday loan since I dont have a job....Im so lost and frustrated :(

Can ANYONE help me? anything? Does anyone know of any emergency funds available immediately that does not require me to have original copies of birth records? Does anyone know of any free services available to people in rural Nevada? I've been up all night, stressing. I just want to get a darn job that pays more than $8.00 and hour fulltime that doesnt require me to have all these government issue cards that many jobs require here-Health, Tam, Non/Gaming which can cost together about $200.

I have about $200 left to my name which will pay for some gas and food for my son and I and all the bills are due and I would be more than willing to show anyone who wants to see them to prove it. I live about 6 miles from all the jobs that I may qualify for and the city bus costs either $1.50 each way or $40 for a monthly pass (this is also the previous employer I worked for so...)

Anyone out there? Can anyone spare some funds to help me pay my bills? I'm willing to sign a contract to repay once I am able to do my taxes. The rent for the first is the BIGGEST deal. My current rent is $655.00. My power bill is $197.00 which is actually part of last months bill and the current bill which is now overdue and in turnoff mode. They say I need $70 to keep it on. My phone/internet bill is $106.00, my water is $24.00, my gas is $26.00 and my cable is overdue now and the current months bill is $85.00. My truck registration is also due which is $50.00. My small credit building loan is $90.00 and I only have 2 months left. I got my son converted to free meal program at school so food will be minimal $100-$200, I am willing to give my cats to a shelter rather than letting them starve. I have enough personal hygiene stuff to get us through the next month or 2. So that just leaves fuel for my truck and insurance which is $63.00 each month. My sons birthday is also Dec 1st, rent day. SO, as you can see, I'm screwed and I just don't have any clue of what to do.

please tell me something....anything....please help 

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